Join the movement: Ask Your School to #ReformIELTS

Are you a student, lecturer, administrator, or alumni of a university or tertiary institution that still requests English-speaking Africans to write English proficiency tests before gaining admission? Policy Shapers and our team of campaigners are working hard to address this issue directly with the UK government, and here is how you can join us to make a difference in your school.

Copy the email template below and send it to a decision-maker at your school. Feel free to include any personal stories and experiences that drive home the message, and don’t forget to copy us ( in the email so that we can track the progress and follow-up.

Olumuyiwa Igbalajobi, a Nigerian postdoctoral research fellow in Canada, has single-handedly influenced up to 5 universities in Canada and the US to waive the IELTS requirement for Anglo-Africans. He achieved this by writing to them and explaining the facts – if he did it, you can too!


Dear Sir/Ma,

I am writing on behalf of prospective scholars from Nigeria and other Anglo-African countries to request for exclusion of Anglo-African student applicants from the English proficiency test pre-requisite for admission to your institution.

Nigeria is an English-speaking country and all modes of learning from elementary to tertiary education are totally done in English.

Requiring that applicants write the very costly IELTS exams (up to thrice the minimum wage in Nigeria) before applying for admission, not only discourages prospective applicants but also paints your institution as discriminatory.

In order to build on your diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) efforts & initiatives already in place, I believe it’s only right and fair that you recognize & include Nigeria among the English-speaking countries not required to sit for English proficiency tests.

Thank you for your favorable consideration. I look forward to your positive feedback.

Best regards,



Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

One thought on “Join the movement: Ask Your School to #ReformIELTS

  1. This is highly commendable, as I even had my Higher Institution/University to clearly state on my Transcript that the English Language was the Language of Instruction, throughout my 4-year Undergraduate Studies; and with that confirmed by my Academic reference, the Waiver was granted gratis .


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