Join the movement: Ask Your School to #ReformIELTS

Are you a student, lecturer, administrator, or alumni of a university or tertiary institution that still requests English-speaking Africans to write English proficiency tests before gaining admission? Policy Shapers and our team of campaigners are working hard to address this issue directly with the UK government, and here is how you can join us toContinue reading “Join the movement: Ask Your School to #ReformIELTS”

This is why we are asking the UK Home Office to #ReformIELTSPolicy for Anglophone Africans

It all began in February 2020 when I received that email from Nexford University requesting for an English proficiency result as part of the admission requirements for their Bachelor’s program. This request came even after I had paid admission fees, submitted my O-Level results, my journalism diploma certificate and my Harvard Kennedy School Executive EducationContinue reading “This is why we are asking the UK Home Office to #ReformIELTSPolicy for Anglophone Africans”

How Open Data can drive Transparency and Transformation in Virtual Universities

To: International Council for Open and Distance Educational Standards (ICDES) From: Ebenezar Wikina, Comfort Onyaga, Chimdi Chukwukere, Kehinde Adebiyi Date: 4/10/2021 Re: How Open Data can drive Transparency and Transformation in Virtual Universities _ Executive Summary The pandemic era has forced universities worldwide to pivot to online learning platforms with lessons emerging daily about theContinue reading “How Open Data can drive Transparency and Transformation in Virtual Universities”

Nigeria’s Public Education in a Post-COVID World: Strategies for Inclusive Learning in Tertiary Institutions

In Nigeria, the COVID-19 pandemic has further widened the digital divide between public and private tertiary institutions. To close this gap, key digital learning constraints like access to devices, lack of constant power supply, and high cost of reliable internet need to be addressed.

Why Nexford changed its English proficiency policy and what other Universities can learn from it

All my social media buddies already know this glaring fact about me; I am a huge fan of virtual schooling. I tweet about it, speak about it at events, write tons and tons of articles about it, and I believe it is the next frontier in global education.